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The Beginners Programme

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Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to change you lifestyle and you’re about to take a BIG step in the right direction. This programme is about making a start, finding your way and building experience, with a short time limit, until you feel confident enough that you can take control - this is a lifestyle change. You can choose how hard to push yourself, but if you’re going to do this programme, I want you to give it everything - I’m just going to give you the first step of the ladder in as basic a way as I possibly can. 

We will be using a variety of exercises and using a combination of different training styles, all of which will be covered in detail and explained: Tabata, HIIT, Weight Training and Cardio.

The programme will be over a 4 week period - a short period, but one that is going to be more beneficial than you can imagine. The programme will require you to train 3/4 times a week and will advise you in the best way possible to eat in a healthy way, but one that is also sustainable and enjoyable. Every week will be different to keep you entertained and motivated and to challenge yourself. Each session will be short but intense - you want to get in, and get out, so you crack on with your day!

What you want to achieve: at the end of this programme you are going to be fitter, happier, stronger, faster and so much more knowledgable in the gym! I hope you will be motivated to continue working hard, to take control and to look forward!