30 Days: A Simple Guide To Self-Improvement
30 Days: A Simple Guide To Self-Improvement

30 Days: A Simple Guide To Self-Improvement

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We all want to do better. We want to find happiness, success, wealth of financial and internal magnitude and build a future that brings fulfilling prospects, and yet no one; no school, no teacher has been encouraged to give us the tools that will truly benefit us moving forward.

To utilise our internal tools to improve our mental health and self-confidence. This book is a guideline of all the methods used by Freddie on a day-to-day basis to overcome internal hurdles such as negative self talk, anxiety and self doubt whilst building self- value and confidence.

When you feel good, you are confident, strong and successful. You stand tall, breathe deeply, achieve successful results and motivate others. You are happier, optimistic and a lot more fun to be around. Your energy is your greatest currency.

This booklet is here to inspire a period of self-development and growth. 30 days of maximum effort, commitment, success, honesty, integrity, character, perseverance, love, discipline, friendship, hard work and more hard work. Eating clean consistently but allowing yourself treats without beating yourself up. Taking care to treat yourself as you would other people. Becoming proud of all that you’ve achieved and supporting others to reach their goals too. Finding those vital moments of calm when you’re moving too quickly; not everything in life is a sprint. Don't let the internet rush you; no one is posting their failures.

Build an environment that is going to nurture you, improve you; remove all distractions and find the solutions that work best for you. It’s all about your priorities. Audit your social media; follow accounts and people who have a positive effect on you. And the rest? Get rid of them. Clear out your room - and your headroom. Analyse the people you’re spending your time with – are you better off for investing your time, energy and effort in them? Use a process of elimination to ask yourself the most important questions – what is important to me? What do I actually value?

Life is about finding a balance. Have you found yours?

Let it help guide you to where you want to be.