Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist UK-wide charity in the UK providing care, support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer. I have chosen to partner with this charity as breast cancer has unfortunately affected my family quite heavily over the years. I took part in the 10km Great Manchester Run in 2018, and ran the London Marathon in April 2019! 


A wonderful little charity that supports young people and their mental health; promoting self love, self care, support and motivation for young people everywhere. I decided to help support this charity after a period of unstable mental health during my time at university. They are powerful and a wonderful organisation

The Diana Award/Anti-Bullying UK 

Anti-Bullying UK is an organisation that works off the back of the Diana Award; a lasting legacy to Princess Diana, who believed that children have the power to change the world for the better. This incredible organisation works with schools to support children, giving young people skills, confidence and training to tackle all forms of bullying.

If you have any queries, concerns or would be interested in some form of collaboration, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me, either through my Instagram (freddie_pearson) or by emailing me at