My Nutritional Approach

 Say No To Numbers
If you are working towards a specific goal, e.g, a specific weight over a particular period of time, measuring the wight of your food and counting calories can be very beneficial, but only with a time limit. Counting calories and constant restriction is unhealthy and obsessive and left me feeling miserable. Don't use food as a means of control; eat healthy, whole foods as they are; you don't need to bring specifics into it and make food your enemy.
The 5-2 Split
The weekend is a period of time for putting your feet up, spending time with your family or your friends. A mentality that has greatly helped me is the idea that weekdays are for my routine; for healthy eating, for clean living and for structure. Weekends are for enjoyment, for letting yourself go and rewarding yourself for the dedication you have shown over the previous five days.
The Sunday Night Prep
Preparing my meals for the week ahead on Sunday nights has saved me a crazy amount of time, and means that every time I finish a workout or come home from lectures, there is healthy, nutritious food in the fridge waiting for me. When you are hungry or depleted of energy, you look to consume whatever is available, no matter how unhealthy or healthy it is, so prepare your food to keep yourself on track with your goals and fill your cupboards with nutritious goods! 
The most easily forgotten and undervalued nutrient – and yet it has been my best friend in many ways and also my bank accounts. Water, as we know makes up 80% of the human body – so why neglect it! Water is a stomach filler, a skin clearer, and a fat flusher; by drinking more water, our stomach becomes full and we don’t feel the need to constantly eat, meaning we can save money on our food bill and put on unnecessary weight that prevent you from achieving your goals.
Everything In Moderation
Changing your approach to your nutrition can be extremely beneficial, but if you approach this in the wrong way, it is a recipe for disaster. By completely cutting out your cravings, they are going to grow out of hand; binge eating can occur, so allowing yourself little treats and snacks to keep your self happy, sane, and to reward yourself is crucial. It's so important that you eat the things you want to; at the end of the day, so much joy and happiness can be brought from food, so allow yourself to experience that.
Supplements are a fantastic way to help you achieve your goals, but remember - they are to SUPPLEMENT your current diet, not to substitute your meals. Use supplements to help you hit your macronutrients, to recover or to increase your energy levels during workouts. If you are interested in purchasing supplements, head over to MyProtein and use the code: FREDDIEP30 for a 30% discount all products.