My Rules & Values

Rule #1

Stop caring so much about what other people think of you, don’t take yourself too seriously and stop trying to be someone that you are not. By doing this, you’ll become content with who you are as a person and not obsessing over someone you’re not; you’re unique in your own way.

Rule #2

Don’t get down and disappointed over the things you don’t have. Be grateful for the things you do have, just aspire to achieve more in the future.

Rule #3

Failure is not a step back; it is a learning curve and a speed bump in moving forward. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes in your life, but you’re going to learn from them; they are often blessings in disguise.

Rule #4

Don’t get lost in social media, get stuck in the real world. Stop spending time obsessing on social media and scrolling through your phone when you can enjoy the real world you live in. It’s easy to become addicted and lose sight of your friends and what’s important.

Rule #5

People come into and out of your life over the years; but your family will always be there for you, so cherish the time you have with them and put time aside for them; family is everything.

Rule #6

Trust your gut instinct; if something feels right, go for it. If it doesn’t, walk away; there is no shame in that.

Rule #7

Surround yourself with the people that  bring the best out of you and make you happy.

Rule #8

Making sacrifices is often a very difficult decision, as you often have to leave much behind; the people who truly care for you and truly love you will be the ones who understand your decisions and support you no matter what. 

Rule #9

Balance in your life is key; it’s okay to go out and have fun, it’s vital that you do it. Stop obsessing about how one drink will affect your physique - if you don’t go out and have fun, you’ll lose sight of what you enjoy.

Rule #10

Don’t let people walk all over you. It’s important to be nice but stand up for yourself, what you believe in and don’t let people take advantage of who you are, or the success you’ve brought on yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Rule #11

Success and happiness will not come to you, and they often do not happen when you’re out there looking for it. Be patient, be dignified and trust the process. Good things often come to those that wait. 

Rule #12

Whenever you get comfortable, you get lazy and stop progressing. Try new things and throw yourself into uncomfortable situations; continual growth is key to happiness.

Rule #13

Whenever you’re upset or struggling, remember you have an incredible support group and that you have complete control of your life. You can achieve anything you want when you put your mind to it.

Rule #14

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself; be kind to yourself, put your happiness first and strive to better yourself with a realistic approach to life.

Rule #15

Time is precious. You don’t have much of it and it will fly by; go out and make the most of your time while you have it.

Rule #16

Live life on your own terms. Do the things you want to do, and don’t lose sight of what you love.

Rule #17

Break the rules; they're there to be broken.