Who Am I?

My name is Freddie Pearson; I’m a 20-year-old currently studying for a degree in Management and Marketing at the University of Manchester. Aside from my aspirations to achieve this academic degree, I am a signed model with W Model Management, a fitness enthusiast, former International athlete for Great Britain, aspiring business owner and mental health advocate. My ambitions are constantly growing and my drive for success is always evolving, no matter what aspect of my life it may be in.

As a young man growing up and experiencing life day by day, I can tell you like every other motivational speaker may do, life is not easy, but then it’s not meant to be - nothing that’s easy is worth your time! We learn and grow in our own unique ways, but it is the moments when we are down, tired, upset, in pain and angry that we learn the most.

For 6 years, I was a part of the junior England and Great Britain Water Polo set up, travelling to countries I would never have thought of visiting and experiencing the pride of representing my country; a feeling like no other. As glamorous and fantastic as this all sounds, in the end it broke me. The goal of this junior set up is to represent your country on the big stage - the European Championships. Unfortunately I blew both of the opportunities I had. However, it is in these dark times where the person you will become is moulded and born; your new goals are given fresh life and your aspirations can grow beyond your wildest imaginations. High level sport introduced me to the gym - and my passion for it has grown exponentially over the years; to achieve my goals, as a form of escape, a stress reliever and to meet new people.

Over the years I have also struggled with my own mental health as I know many young people do in a world where technology reigns supreme; feeling pressure to keep up an image, growing anxiety from the pressure I put on myself and the day to day challenges I face. I have experimented lots with my own experience on social media, to find a safe way of using it, and good habits to help me as challenge come along the way. Although I have made lots of mistakes in the past, I try to use all these as a learning experience, and as a motivation to succeed in the future. 

So why should you care? Why should you listen to anything I have to say? My reasoning? I’m one of you! I, just like everyone around you, am your average Joe – an individual with the drive and determination to be something more. My passion for health and fitness has enabled me to explore new challenges and new methods of training over time, for sports performance or to feel more self confident in my own skin.

I have met so many incredible people also through this passion for health and fitness, and I have learnt so many values that I use daily - and I'm here to help you on your journey!