Who Am I?

I am a 21 Year Old British Model from South London; a former international sportsman, Tedx speaker, mental health advocate and wellness entrepreneur. I've built up a large Instagram following throughout my modelling career and use my platform to discuss mental health in young people, while also offering fitness advice as an escape or pursuit for others.
While at the University of Manchester, where I am still a student at the business school, I began to suffer with my mental health; struggling with depression and falling into a mental rut, which led to isolating myself from the outside world. Realising that I needed help, I sought advice from a number of professionals while also developing an interest in self-development, fitness, mental wellness and discovering a passion for helping others. I also joined forces with YoungMindsUk and help them as an ambassador.
Playing international sport and working in the modelling industry enlightened me in the power of failure and rejection; how rejection, although originally painful and disheartening, can be the most powerful motivator, humbling teacher and invaluable education there is. Through exercise, modelling, writing blogs and openly discussing the challenges I've faced, I hope to use this website to educate, inspire and help other people.