The BodyWeight Booklet: The Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training has become a staple of my exercise routine; it is efficient, effective, social and incredibly enjoyable. It's helped me build strength, speed, flexibility and learn about my body and it's capabilities.

I originally began to train this way when playing Water Polo for Great Britain in land training sessions; it allowed me to build core strength, vastly improve my fitness and prevent injury also. Since starting training more regularly with bodyweight exercises in later life, and relying less on weights sessions, I have found a more consistent, effective and efficient manner in which to train. 

So what are the main benefits of bodyweight training; why do I decide to train in this manner over every other form of training?


Cost Effective, Time Efficient

If you're tight for time, then Bodyweight Training is the method for you. I always recommend training this way to people who work intense jobs, or busy lifestyles. It is the most effective way to build muscle, burn fat, move your whole body and maximise results. By combining cardio and strength training into one, you save time and complication; reducing rest periods and increasing results.  You are also your own gym. Training with minimal equipment, using the provisions that your body provides saves money, time and stress. Without having to pay for lots of equipment, memberships and travel to and from the gym, you save an incredible amount of money. 

Cardio and Strength

Due to the diverse nature of bodyweight training, all aspects of fitness can be improved. The high intensity and resistance based methods of the training style mean that all aspects of your body are being used and in different ways; the whole body is involved. Furthermore, exercises can be implemented to improve other aspects such as flexibility or explosiveness. As you are using purely your own weight, you are developing an ability; control over your body and movement. Whether strength endurance, core strength, muscle durability or static strength, you are learning to move your body freely, and adapting according. By learning to freely move, you increase the amount of muscle fibres used, creating greater strength and muscle gain.

Fat Burning

Due to the high intensity of workouts, the results gained from changing your training to bodyweight are immense. High intensity brings high reward, and even when you reduce the intensity, the movements you are making are still pushing you in the right direction. The lack of rest between sets means that you will torch body fat, maximising your results and increasing your metabolism.


Bodyweight training can be immensely diverse; whether splitting your training into body parts, or wanting to experience a new style of movement, there are hundreds of different exercises you can utilise to maximise your results. Tailoring workouts for speed, strength, explosiveness or fat burn can be incredibly easy to do.


With bodyweight workouts, you only need a small amount of space, meaning that you can train anytime, anywhere without relying on excess and without having to make excuses. Whether you're in a hotel room, the gym, travelling around the world or in the local park, bodyweight training is the most flexible way to improve your fitness.


The simple nature of this training method means that you can get an incredibly rewarding and effective workout even if you have minimal experience in the gym. It is a fantastic way to build confidence and knowledge using an incredibly simple approach. Furthermore, if you are experienced and want to challenge yourself, you can decrease rest periods, increase reps and/or sets, use additional equipment to add weight or use more difficult variations of exercises. So whether you're experienced or not, a man or a woman, adult or teenager, the opportunities to improve through simple training are endless. 


Feel like making a start?

The Bodyweight Booklet is my simplified training method for you. With over 50 workouts, at an incredibly affordable price (£7.00), you can start making progress and building confidence anytime, anywhere. Although the internet has all your answers, all exercises are explained in a simple manner and structured workouts are provided throughout. 

Using different methods of training, such as HIIT, Tabata and Cardio, you can strive to make progress in every facet, without boredom, cost or complication. High intensity, minimal equipment, high reward.


  • Thanks, Freddie, for the great article. After years of not training, I have found bodyweight training to be a convenient way to restart my training. Next challenges are pullups and learning the jump rope.

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