"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Di Vinci

As a male model, having clear skin is pivotal for getting jobs and for looking the part. More importantly, the clarity and quality of my skin drastically effects my self-confidence. It's caused me severe anxiety as a teenager as I used to suffer with mild acne; much less severe than many, but enough to make me self-conscious and embarrassed.

The stress that evolved from my overthinking regarding this caused further spots, and left me in a viscous cycle. I spent hundreds of pounds on exfoliating products, moisturisers, magic creams and gels, only to find that they were making my skin worse. I even found myself taking medicine that was prescribed by a doctor to reduce the outbreaks on my face.

Despite all the money spent, the GP visits and the desperate calls of celebrity endorsements, the quick fix for my skin came from assessing the quality of the nutrients I was consuming. As a university student, I was drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, eating low quality foods and not taking care of myself, which led to oily skin and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Your gut has a massive effect on your mental clarity, the quality of your skin and the level at which you perform in all aspects of your life. A diet that consists of a diverse nutrient portfolio is a winning formula, not excess, needless money spending on products that will only clog up your pores.

We are currently pawns in a marketing game, where social media and technology is constantly advertising beauty products, beautiful celebrities and bombarding consumers with the latest beauty products, tricks and trends. And yet, in terms of skin, less is more. There are no secrets to better skin that lie in a commercialised bottle, or in a celebrity endorsement; you don’t need an excessive, organised routine such as that of Christian Bale in American Psycho either.

My skincare routine is incredibly simple, and it’s not something I have to think about as I follow a consistent and sustainable healthy lifestyle. I drink around 2 litres of water every day habitually, I exercise regularly to reduce stress and use a very simple moisturiser every morning and night. I do my best to get 8 hours of sleep every night, or at least around that amount to which I get a consistent level throughout thew week.

My approach to nutrition is incredibly simple too; it’s not strict, or hard to follow, but consistent and realistic. My plate is often diverse with colour, with lots of vegetables, healthy fats and lean meat. I avoid dairy, and use alternatives to milk such as Oat milk or Almond milk, as dairy tends to block up my gut. I also stay away from processed foods and those that contain high levels of sugar.

Alcohol for me is a two way street; it is incredibly enjoyable with friends and on nights out, but it’s not an integral part of my lifestyle and it never will be. Alcohol dries up your skin through dehydration and inflames your gut; killing good bacteria and increasing harmful ones, therefore directly effecting your skin.

I care an enormous amount about my appearance, not because of the modelling opportunities but because it tells people a lot about yourself. First impressions last, and taking care of the way that you look shows others that you have self-respect, confidence and pride.

Whether it is the way that you dress, the shape of your physique or the clarity of your skin, it' important to feel good about yourself. Confidence is the most powerful weapon in an individual’s arsenal, and feeling at home in the skin you’re in is a pretty good way to start.

The quality of our diet, sleep and general lifestyle determines how much stress or success we have in our lives. By having less, but with more quality, we don’t allow ourselves to become slaves to our distractions and can be consistent moving forward. Finally, health is, and always will be wealth. The better you look, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more energy, ambition, confidence and courage you carry.

Get comfortable and confident within your skin. It only takes a simple formula, and the first step is prioritising yourself. Simplicity wins and consistency is key.  These are important lessons; for your life, and not just your skin.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated" - Confucius 


  • I was about to exit this page when I saw that there were no images but rather just a long bed of words. However, I stayed and I have to admit I was happy to see that you spoke the truth and did not redirect to some big brands or skin products. Having a good routine (exercise, nutrition, and skincare) is key. I am still working on mine but, hopefully, I will come to peace with myself and find one that works for me soon.

  • You are just my biggest inspiration! Such a magnificent words!

    Miguel Rave
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