Win The Morning, Win The Day

"Every morning starts a new page in your story. Make it a great one today" - Doe Zantamata

The first hours of the day are the most important hours of the day, and I realised last summer just how beneficial starting the day right can be; feeling awake, connected and setting the tone for the day ahead.

A common mistake that I, like many others make, without realising it, is that as soon as your alarm goes off or you open your eyes, your instinct is to grab your phone. As human beings we demand attention and need recognition to keep us feeling valued, and so a lot of young people base how good there day is going to be by the amount of notifications they receive when they wake up. The tone for the day is then structured and feelings of happiness and popularity based on notifications is set in stone.

During lockdown I’ve decided to sleep with more my phone downstairs or on airplane mode if I needed the alarm; I probably should also invest in an alarm clock. For the first few days, I would think about my phone, and had a little bits of excitement to see what I had to open, but then I began to move on and really connect with my day ahead.

For a lot of people this is would seem ridiculous, but many would also never have stopped to think about it. I challenge you to try this and give it a go for a period of time, and see if it has an effect on you.


My Morning Routine

Wake up early (7am-8am) - I like to sleep with my curtains open, and wake up to the natural light. It allows me to feel considerably more productive, have greater clarity and to feel more awake. At weekends, when I sleep in, I wake up at around 9am, and am still up before others to get things done and enjoy myself.

Make my bed - I'm a tad OCD obsessed anyway, but I make my bed because it sets the tone for my day; its a completed task and allows me to feel a bit of control before I've even left my room. A small yet simple task completed leads to larger task success in the day.

No phone - I don't look at my phone for at least the first hour of every day. I want to be as connected as I possibly can to the real world around me, from the moment that I wake up, and not lost in technology.

Reading and Writing - I've begun to read and write a lot more, and use a journal to write down my goals and thoughts, so that what I want to achieve is embedded into my head as soon as I start the day; it reminds me to work hard and to work towards the goals I want to achieve in the future.

Hot water with lemon juice or a black coffee - this combination is great for hydration, flushing out your digestive system, and allows your body to kickstart vigorously and efficiently early in the day.

Workout - whether its a long distance run, a weights session at the gym or doing Yoga/Stretching in my room, I like to feel active, process my thoughts and get my body going. There is no pressure, its on my own terms. By doing this on an empty stomach before Ive eaten anything too, it allows me to stay lean. I've purchased an iPod so that I can listen to music without being on my phone, and being on social media/technology early in the day.

Cold shower - this process shocks the body into being functional and ready for the day ahead. It also aids muscle soreness and recovery by flushing lactic acid out of the body and allows me to feel very awake. 

Breakfast - I make a shake which I can take with me on the go; which is as nutritious as possible, as well as tasty. I tend to mix porridge oats, spinach, mixed berries, almond milk and a vegan/no dairy/lower sugar protein powder if available. 


A morning routine is incredibly important; we, as humans, need direction and control and a routine gives us this. It allows us to have something to work towards, and to feel prepared for whatever challenges lie in our path.

Your mood is instantly lifted when you start the day in an optimistic manner; if you win the morning, the rest of the day is easy.

"Days are expensive. When you spend a day you have one less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one wisely" - Jim Rohn 

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