Isolation Mindset: Tips and Tricks for your Mental Wellbeing

“Sometimes you learn, grow and give far more when your back's against the wall.”  Rasheed Ogunlaru

In the current circumstances that we find ourselves in, it's incredibly easy to stay in bed all day without any real reason to get up; feeling sluggish, demotivated and purposeless. But it's so important that we create structure, purposes for our day and prioritise our mental well-being during a period of isolation and uncertainty. Here are my top tips for staying on top of your mental wellbeing and happiness during this period. 


Wake Up Early - the longer I lie in bed, the less of the day I have; and the more I look to hide away from the excuses to leave that position. We can all stay under our duvet sheets feeling low and lost, but when you win the morning, you win the day. Get up earlier, grab a black coffee and read the papers, plan your day and how you're going enjoy yourself, reward yourself and feel like you were meant to seize the day ahead of you.

Positive Playlists - nothing quite sets the tone for the day ahead better than an optimistic, upbeat and annoyingly happy playlist. Music has such a profound affect on our behaviour and mood; both components that will swings hugely during this period of isolation. Create a set of upbeat and energising songs to start the day with, dance around your rooms and get positive. Optimistic mindsets always win. (Some songs to get you going: Chubby Checker - Lets Twist Again, Sam Cooke - Wonderful World, Aretha Franklin - Say A Little Prayer, The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun: any other song that you might catch your Dad dancing too will likely do the job) 

Move More - the more you move, the more you groove. Whether you're going to work out, take an online yoga class, dance, go for a dog walk, clean the kitchen or clear out your bedroom, get moving early. Set your endorphins out of the blocks from the moment you wake up; it makes such a difference to your energy levels as you progress through the day.

Structure - whether a full on timetable or a consistent approach to your sleep, having some sense of structure makes a huge difference in our mindset. It gives us reason, purpose, reassurance and a strategy of how best to approach the day ahead. Give yourself a checklist of things to do and tick them off as you go; you'll feel so much clarity moving forward.

Clean Eating - little motivation, minimal purpose and low drive usually goes hand in hand with a poor diet; binge eating the bad stuff, drinking higher levels of alcohol and showing little caution to what you're putting in your body is a perfect recipe for a depressed mindset. Your gut plays a major role in your mood; enjoy the treats, but make a healthy approach to eating a goal during this period. A cleaner body supports a cleaner mind. 

Social Media - unfortunately while this period of uncertainty and disruption looms, you're likely to have a huge amount of free time on your plate - and most of that is guaranteed to be spent in front of a screen. Regulate how much time you're spending on your social media especially; too much of anything is never a good thing, and excessive social media usage will have direct, negative implications on your mental health. We see so many people achieving and doing so much that it makes us feel guilty; you don't have to do anything, so take a break for a while - you probably need it.

Get Creative - nothing stimulates your mind quite like creativity; the opportunity to build on your ideas, explore new avenues and test yourself in a rewarding manner. Whether your cooking new recipes, learning a new instrument, drawing or sketching, building a workout plan or so on, give your mind an opportunity to express and break free.


As human beings, we need challenge and not comfort. We need to feel needed, to have a purpose and to feel like a necessary component to ourselves and the society around us. Comfort kills. It weakens us, softens us and although initially relaxing, is a distraction from whats important - You. Don't stay in bed all day and give yourself something to wake up for; but most importantly, use this time to prioritise you: your enjoyment, your needed rest and your wellbeing. 

Stay home, stay safe. Be positive moving forward; optimists always beat pessimistic individuals. You've been given the time to stop and evaluate; reflect, reenergise and prioritise yourself. Use your time wisely.

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  • For a very young person, you’re very inspiring and so uplifting! Not to mention you have a body to die for. Keep up the great work. You will go very far. Trust me that attitude will bring you great fortune and great friends.

    Jose-Joanne Buck Narciso

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