Dear Adversity,

Many of you will see that I’m an incredibly motivated person. I’m passionate, hungry, optimistic, determined and perseverant.

But I’m only the person I am today because I’ve been the complete opposite. I’ve been heavily depressed. I’m been a complete slob and hated putting in hard work. I’ve avoided opportunities at every turn. I’ve created excuses, been a terrible friend and been a weak individual. I've been dishonest with myself and others, and tried to take shortcuts wherever I saw possibility. But that’s why I’m now where I am today.

I want everyone who is reading this, who is visiting my page to leave with some form of motivation and benefit. To realise that you are more powerful than you think. That you can always change your circumstances. That the most powerful asset you’ll ever have is yourself. Your mindset is so powerful. You just need to start believing it.

I have failed so many times in so many aspects of my life. I’ve been told I’m too skinny and I’m too fat for a modelling job. I’ve been dropped by my country at the sport I loved after years of hard work. I’ve been told I’d never get to university because my grades were so poor. Ive cried myself to sleep at times because I felt trapped in the bad times I found myself in. Ive been cheated on, mistreated, made to feel small and worthless. I’ve wanted to take myself over the edge because I felt so helpless and low.

I found myself at the age of 19 with no more international sport, an eating disorder, depression and sadness. I found myself as a victim to an abuse incident in the modelling industry. But I didn’t want to be a victim; I wanted to be a victor of my past, and responsible for my future.

So despite all my pain, failure, rejection and fear - I’m thanking you, Adversity. You’ve given me a free education. You’ve helped me develop character. You’ve helped me learn to pick myself up. You gave me the power to push through tough circumstances and taught me that I have more in me. You’ve shown me that I have more value then I knew. You’ve helped me believe in myself more than I ever could.

Use your pain to propel you to something greater. Stop seeing it as a burden, see it as blessing. If you still have blood pumping through your veins and sweat from your brow, you have something worth fighting for.

As human beings, we have survival instinct. We will do anything to survive, so we run from things we fear, and don’t do the things we’re afraid of naturally. That’s why you want to give in and give up. That’s why you feel pain and a voice in your head telling you otherwise. To protect you: but if you run towards your fear, you’ll realise that you’re bigger than what you’ve been running from.

Stop falling backward on comfort. Fall forward on your dreams. Comfort can be reassuring, but discomfort will force you to grow into something more; something far more rewarding and richer in value. Nothing great ever came from safety nets and short cuts. Stop seeking comfort when you have the opportunity to be something more.

Nothing worth your while is ever going to be easy, so get up every time when you’re knocked down. Like the wise men always say, if it was easy, everyone would do it. You made those mistakes so don’t waste an opportunity to learn from them; you don’t need others to believe in you when you’re self-belief is the most powerful passion of all.

If you are going to do anything today: be honest with yourself. Be kind to yourself but realise you can always improve and make changes to your life. So make sure to show up every single day. Sacrifice your todays so that your tomorrows are even better. Effort, perseverance, courage and commitment are what you must exchange for a better future.

Forget what everyone else is doing. It’s not about them, it’s about being selfish and prioritising your life. Stop having that limited vision. You always have options to break yourself out from nowhere. You only have limits because you’ve given them the strength to continue shackling you; you are limitless when you believe in your own abilities.

Tomorrow you’re going to be 40, 50 or 60. The number is irrelevant. But time is always against you, so make it work in your favour. Get up early and make the days profitable; you’re never going to have that day again. You get one shot at life. Make that moment count.

Stand up for your life. For yourself. For what you believe in. Your life is your responsibility. Be accountable for your actions; don’t blame others success with your own insecurities and jealousy. It’s not about talent. It’s about perseverance. Courage and character. Start making decisions now that your future self will thank you for. It's not about what your family or friends want, or what you feel you should do. It's about pursuing your life with passion, and lighting your fire. 

Our dreams give us purpose. Believe in them. Believe in yourself. Spend time on your vision. Make it a reality. 

I'm now 20 years old. I've ran a marathon, fought in a boxing match and stood on a stage for Tedx to tell my story; 3 things I couldn’t even have imagined myself doing, due to the fear inside my mind.I've started my own business and joined a charity to help people. I have more passion, empathy, confidence and optimism then I've ever had before. 

So, whenever you find yourself under your duvet cover, face down on the floor: pick yourself up. You've always got something to fight for. Adversity taught me that.


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  • Your words speak the truth of a hard reality. Hearing your words of someone 6 years younger, I command you. It’s great that you can talk about your life and the effects it’s taken me a long time!


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